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Artist Biography


Hovik Khodabakhshian, was born in 1943.

Hovik Khodabakhshian

   He is largely a self-taught artist, having received only an eight-month course of   instructions from the Art Instruction School of Minneapolis in 1990. He received his master’s degree in civil and structural engineering from Graz Technical University, Austria, in 1973.  Hovik and his family have resided in Glendale, California since 1978.

   He began painting in the 1990’s and exhibited in with the Eagle Rock and Verdugo Hills Art Associations.Hovik began painting full time and moved to more serious art level in  2006 after retiring from his profession as an engineer. 

His sources of artistic inspirations come from the natural landscapes and the renowned impressionists of the early 20th Century that captured the essence of this beauty. His insight is drawn from such masters as Cézanne and Monet, in addition to the eminent plein-air painters of California such as Edgar Payne and Maurice Braun.  

   Hovik is especially talented at expressing the vibrant hues of dusk and dawn and in capturing the movement of water through a landscape. When asked why he paints , he offered “I paint because it brings me joy and I paint landscapes because I revere the beauty of Mother Nature.” Hovik is married to Hermine (an accomplished mosaic artist), together they spend their days in their studio creating new works of art inspired by and in the celebration of nature.

Artist Statement

    My inspiration for painting is to capture the essence of the moment, regardless of the subject matter.  I enjoy painting a variety of subjects, with landscapes being my favorite. 

Each painting is a new challenge to portray the essence of the emotion, which motivates me to apply paint to canvas.  In my paintings, I always incorporate the light’s effects, composition, color values, shadows and reflections.  I put the statement on the main focal point with meaningful brush strokes and attempt to eliminate unnecessary information and details.

    My desire is to convey my feelings in my paintings, transfer and connect to my viewers as much as possible.  Involving the viewer with the painting and giving them a sense of atmosphere, enjoyment and satisfaction of the scene, is one of the main goals any painter dreams.



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